Weapons of Mass Seduction is

The best fucking game ever.


Weapons of Mass Seduction plays like an indecent version of 'Would you rather?' in which you win points by guessing whether your opponent prefers favors like "Ask another couple if you can watch them have sex." or "Whip opponent with riding crop."

The game comes with 200 cards written by us, couples we know, porn stars at Randy Blue productions, FetLife users, MENSA members, Comic-con goers, and strangers on Tinder that Kaitlin performed unsolicited research on.

The rules don't tell you to do what's written on the cards, that part's up to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are Daniel Dranove and Kaitlin Johnson. We made this game to celebrate Valentine's Day, 2013.

Do we need one penis and one vagina to play?

No. You can play with any combination of genitalia.

What if I want to do the things on the cards?

The long and hard version is the version of the game that we originally made for each other and it involves keeping the cards to perform in real life over the next couple of days. We have provided some guidelines about the importance of safety and consent, however we recommend taking extra caution when playing this version, even if it's with a trusted partner.

Will I be obligated to do a sex thing I might not want to do?

No. Not if you play by the rules. However, sexual experimentation is sensitve and you should only play this game with someone that you are in a relationship with, or are otherwise comfortable experimenting with.

Why is it called Weapons of Mass Seduction?

Because it is the most dangerous card game in existence.

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